DeKalb Sheriff’s Department


Sheriff: The Sheriff is mandated under State law to oversee civil process, care and housing of people who are incarcerated in the DeKalb Jail, and carrying out the orders of the Courts for DeKalb County. He is also responsible for the actions of all employees who work directly under him. (Must attend a Law Enforcement Training Academy within 6 months of taking office, must attend a 40 hour Sheriff’s School, and then attend a 40-hour in-service per year thereafter.)

I have a total of 24 sworn deputies and 23 non-sworn employees for a total of 47 employees.

The sworn officers are:

Chief Deputy who is also my DARE Instructor for 5th graders at DeKalb West and Northside Elementary Schools. The DARE Program teaches our 5th grade students about the dangerous effects of Drugs and how to resist peer pressure.

Five (5) of who are School Resource Officers 1 in each school.

Four (4) of who are Court Officers they take care of the 4 courts in our county. That are General Sessions Court, Criminal Court, Juvenile Court, and Chancery Court.

Three (3) Detectives who works criminal cases such as thefts and the illegal sale of drugs.

Eleven (11) shift Deputies who work the road, disturbance calls, and wrecks

One (1) reserve deputy who doesn’t get paid for his work. He is a volunteer and helps us when he is needed.

The non-sworn employees are:

I have seventeen (17) Correctional Officers who do our bookings and releases of inmates coming and going from the jail, they see to the needs of the inmates, and day to day operations of the jail

I have three (3) secretaries and their duties are collection of money for serving warrants, updates the sex offender registry for some of the sex offenders in the county, they enter all of the civil and state warrants that we have to serve, they report stats to the state on our crimes we have here in DeKalb County, and also the figure inmate time on the inmates sentences.

I have one (1) cook who is over the preparation of meals for our jail. I’m asked a lot what kind of meals we serve at the jail. We serve a hot breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and a hot supper. Our jail menus are close to the menus for our school system.

I have two (2) litter guards who pick up litter on our state and county roads.

About the jail:

The DeKalb County Jail has 102 beds.
The population on an average day is 80 inmates.
There are more inmates on the weekends, due to weekenders serving time.
There are 4 cells in the Main Jail which was built in 1959.
The Bull pen houses 16 inmates, the Maximum Security Cell house 6 inmates, and 2 cells in the basement area of the jail house a total of 22 inmates.
The DeKalb Jail Annex was built in 2001 and has 2 cell areas.
The Maximum Security Dorm houses 10 inmates.
The Annex Dorm is the most populated cell in the facility. There are 48 beds in this area that house all male inmates.
The Jail serves 3 meals (2 hot and 1 cold) each day.
There is a full-time licensed nurse who visits once a day and an on-call Doctor.
The Jail now has a Ministry Program on Tuesday nights of each week for all Inmates who want to participate.