Operation Identification

This program encourages citizens to use an electronic engraving pen to mark their valuable property with either their Tennessee I.D. number or their Tennessee Driver’s License number.

In case of theft, property can be readily identified and returned to the owners.

Markings should be in a place of prominence, which can be easily observed without dismantling the object. 

Valuables that cannot be marked should be photographed and kept in a secure place. 

Also, record the serial numbers of your property even though you have marked the property.  Keep this serial number with your other important papers.

How can you find out if a gun you purchased was stolen?

  • Call your local sheriff's department and ask them to check it for you.
  • They will need the serial number, manufacturer, and model.
  • If you are unsure what kind of gun it is, check with a gunsmith or a gun dealer.
  • Do not rely on police to figure that out, they are law enforcement professionals, not firearms experts.
  • If the gun has no serial number, but is unique in some way, police may still have it listed as stolen property, but it's a long shot.
  • Many stolen guns cannot be identified because the owner didn't know the serial number, didn't report the theft, or it is an older gun without a number.